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We know that On February 19th, Yahoo announced Yahoo Gemini, which is a new ad marketplace that can integrate mobile traffic with native advertising. Yahoo Gemini will be used and managed with the Yahoo Ad Manager platform, it means that this mobile search traffic may be migrated from its current platform, Bing Ads.

Now On March 10th, Yahoo unexpectedly started to migrate a small amount of mobile traffic through selected Bing accounts to the new platform, according to the second wave beginning April 1st. Advertisers and marketing experts with migrating accounts do not opt out of Yahoo Gemini without doubting inability to serve mobile ads on

Get Started With Gemini

  • First, vustomer have to make a Yahoo login to utilize Gemini.
  • It is a small hassle, but we can easily get over it. Then start creating first campaign. It looks like following:

Visit my website –

Pay when user clicks your ad (CPC), native and search ads, sends visitor to website on click.

 Know my brand –

Charge will be done when people view ad (CPM) or video (CPV), native and video ads, primarily in order to expose people to ads

Download my app –

Make a payment when someone clicks the ad (CPC) or watches your video (CPV),

 Our services are different from others.

  • competitive analysis
  • Qualified Resources (Certified Professionals)
  • Localization
  • Daily Report
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • Search Analytic Reports
  • Re-targeting Techniques
  • Driving targeted traffic to your website
  • Advertiser Expert
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Performance Reports
  • Keyword research on IT Projects
  • Restructuring your ad-groups (keywords ad texts) for maximum relevancy and performance
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Bid Management
  • A/B Testing to know better Ad to get high calls
  • Custom Fee Structure to Suit Client Need
  • Live Support (Phone, Chat. etc.)
  • Dedicated account management by Adwords Professionals for Tech Support.