Why Google is Suspending accounts for Tech Support?

As you already know, in case you are running an AdWords account along with technical support ads, one need to follow AdWords customer Safety policy.
Note:- On Aug 31, 2018 Google Ads (Google Adwords) updated its advertising policies to restrict ads for third-party tech support providers. Google will roll out a verification program to ensure that only legitimate providers of third-party tech support can use Google platform to reach consumers. We Do Not provide Google Adwords (Google Ads) PPC Campaign Services for Third Party Tech support.

My team have longstanding policies against ads, websites, and businesses which appear to be basically deceptive or misleading to our users. Our primary concern related to this space is our user’s safety. But the User Safety Policy, but we do not allow businesses that we feel might pose a harm to our users.


  • The problem is with everyone, But actually no one exactly knew why the account gets suspended.
  • We all like Google due to which it gives business and its our duty to make it definitely we should not to do anything to hurt the reputation.
  • We all are aware User experience and safety have been main concern which  makes you like fll and trustworthy to users.

Common reasons for account suspension

When we encourage advertisers to know about the reason for the account suspension, be aware that few reasons are egregious which say that the account can not be re-enabled.

Policy violation

Few policies, for example busing the ad network and Misrepresentation is sensitive that violations may result in account suspension.

Unpaid balance

In account has an unpaid balance, it may be temporarily suspended. This may be resolved through making a payment to the amount owed.

Charge back

Instruct the bank or credit card company in order to reverse a charge which was paid against a legitimate AdWords balance. You may resolve the issue through making a payment to cover the unpaid balance.

Promotional code abuse

In case an advertiser tries to sell promotional codes and utilize more than one promotional code, associated account will be suspended.

Suspicious payments

If suspicious or fraudulent payment activity is found on an account, we’ may suspend the account immediately.

Unauthorized access

An unauthorized user has been tried to access an AdWords account, we may suspend the account in order to to protect the account owner from unauthorized charges.

Repeated violations

When advertiser repeatedly violates the AdWords advertising policies, the account may also be suspended.

Prevent the suspension

  • The way to prevent an account suspension is to first promptly address policy violations.
  • Make regular payments to AdWords account.
  • If you think your ad was incorrectly disapproved, TAKE OUR HELP.