Why Google Adwords Account SUSPENDED for Technical Support?

Before suspending the account for technical support google never give any warning for any type of voilation. The reason for suspension have never clear to the technical support companies.
Note:- On Aug 31, 2018 Google Ads (Google Adwords) updated its advertising policies to restrict ads for third-party tech support providers. Google will roll out a verification program to ensure that only legitimate providers of third-party tech support can use Google platform to reach consumers. We Do Not provide Google Adwords (Google Ads) PPC Campaign Services for Third Party Tech support.

Account Managers doesn’t responded back and were used off just before while it was needed the most. It is a paritial attitude of google to marketers and advertisers and also required to give attention by Google. But it was actually let down by the user support team through giving no support to the team.

Reasons Why do accounts get suspended?

  • In case you are running a tech support business one should learn why Google suspended your adwords account?
  1. Search engine want everyone to enjoy a safe and positive experience while visiting Google and our partner sites.
  2. In order to help and make it a reality, our team have developed a set of policies which we expect advertisers to be follow.
  3. While advertisers do not follow those policies, we may disapprove their Account to allow them to know that something’s not right.
  4. Advertisers when continue to break rules or break rules egregiously, after that we may have to suspend those accounts.

What we require to start:

1. New Website
2. Landing page
3. Gmail id / password

 Recommendation and Tips for Adwords PPC for technical support business:

  • Get a New website
  • Make a Website for other domain authority
  • Try to develop a website through WordPress
  • Now Add some fresh and unique Articles / content on the website
  • Add analytics and web master tools on it
  • Be Sure every page must be indexes on Google
  • Create Such no. of pages
  • Design Relevant Landing Pages for each and every service.
  • Do not use Direct keywords on Landing pages
  • Also Avoid using any brand name – logo / Trademark of any company like HP,
  • Dell, Asus, AOL etc.
  • Include / mention for terms, privacy policy, DMCA, etc policy pages.
  • Follow Google Adwords ads hierarchy structure
  • Don’t add direct keywords
  • Don’t add keywords on Ads Copy
  • Keywords should not be displayed on url/destination url
  • Keep monitoring in everyday basis and improve the campaigns
  • Use only one account for one segment