Setup Google Account for Tech Support

Setting up a google account for tech support is not a childs play but its just possible to do with perfect and clean setup.

Here we are discussing steps to make your account.

  • Add your business information
  • Search engine uses the business information which you submit to display to the users who view your products through internet.
  • Business display name:

The name of the business or store. Now The business display name should

  • Business address:

The location of your business headquarters or location where business is registered.

  • Primary contact:

The primary contact information for Merchant Center account. The Updates regarding Merchant Center account as well as feed errors and warnings will be sent to the email address, unless indicated otherwise thecontact information won’t be displayed publicly.

  • Technical contact (optional):

The technical contact information which is for your Merchant Center account. The point of contact is utilized to send updates. Personal contact information won’t be displayed publicly.

  • Customer service contact (optional):

The customer service contact email, url, and number from your website.

  • Website:
  1. Firstly Verify and claim website URL in the Website page under Business information.
  2. Product landing page link should match the domain you’ve registered in Merchant Center
  3. If user use a sub-host of path to host your store, it may need to be included in your URL.
  4. Signing in with  Google account with your e-mail address and password, note that all of your e-mail, contacts, calendar events, and other data which is associated with that account will be synced to your Hudl.

Website URL requirements

The website URL should be used in Merchant Center account must meet the following requirements:

  • Start with either http:// or https://
  •  Know that the IP addresses are not allowed, e.g.
  • No ports are allowed, e.g.
  • No fragments are allowed, e.g.
  • Follow Merchant Center guidelines for website requirements