Optimize Techsupport Campaigns

Optimization is a Process, Not a Project. In order to actually maximize ad spend, and squeeze the best possible results from it, one require to continuously optimize  campaigns. Search engine optimization, is not to be done once but one need to sit back, keep patience and wait for results.


Create > Test > Track > Adjust > Repeat

To do this it needs a considerable time and effort every now and then. In case you are busy with other activities and you don’t have much time, than patience and experience can be the keys to properly perform these optimization steps. We highly recommend you to go for external help.


1. Own a website which contains a particular landing pages for tech support services which you offer to the audience. It should clearly notify about the service.

2. Now Optimized accounts of AdWords and Bing Ads to run Pay per Click ads are also required. We can create it if you want.

3. Spend the money according to the revenue you generate from Pay per Click ads.

4. Maintain high quality scores for technical support keywords by writing ads specific to your business which should give neat and clean information.

5. Monitor your campaigns, keywords Quality Score, ads approval status, ad policies of search engines regularly.


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile App Development
  • Search Engine Marketing


1.  PPC consultancy services is offered for your agency and increase you ROI.

2. We are experts in creating ads accounts, research keywords, ad campaigns, run and monitor everything in a right way.

3. My team guides you to optimize landing pages with proper designing, feeding content and integration.

4. Our single advertising expert will be running and managing technical support campaigns.

5. We know how to resolve technical issues which might be related to your accounts, campaigns, billing or any other glitch with the help of Google AdWords and Bing Ads support team.

6.If you want quality services than get in touch with us right away. Enjoy perfect way of working.

7.My team is backed with skilled professionals who are well versed with all the designing procedures.