How to create Landing Page for Tech Support & Airlines Ticket Bookings

A landing page is a web page that is displayed after clicking on your ad. It is the same page entered into your destination URL when you are creating an ad in Adwords. A good landing page will be relevant to the keyword and ad copy from your campaign.

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Landing pages are a key element of your Adwords ad campaigns. When someone clicks on your ad because they felt you had the product or service they were looking for, it’s important that the landing page clearly contains this product or service. If your ad does not match the content on your landing page, it is likely that you will have a lower conversion rate.

How to create Conversion Landing Page for Tech Support & Airlines Ticket Bookings

Having a consistent theme and connecting your landing page to your ad text is important to both Google and to your potential customers. It is also important to optimize your landing pages with the same keyword(s) that you are bidding on. When you’re building out your Google AdWords campaigns, make sure you keep your website’s content in mind and consider creating new landing pages that are more relevant to your keywords and ads if necessary.

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AdWords Landing Pages Best Practices

  1. Landing Page Basics: As mentioned above, it is imperative that you include relevant keywords on your landing page that correspond to keywords you’re bidding on. Make sure the content is original and transparent, and that your page(s) is/are easy to navigate.
  2. Creating Relevant/Targeted Landing Pages: Your landing page(s) should be as closely linked to the content/subject of the keywords you’re bidding on. They should contain your main keywords and be relevant to a user’s search query.
  3. Landing Pages & Quality Score: Your landing pages have a direct effect on your Quality Score, which is Google’s estimation of how relevant your ads, keywords and landing page are to someone viewing your ad. You will learn how to create a cohesive campaign with relevant landing pages that improve your Quality Score.
  4. Landing Page Load Times: The time it takes for your landing page to load can mean the difference between a conversion and someone leaving your website. Landing page load time also impacts Quality Score, and should never exceed 5 seconds.
  5. Privacy Policy: According to Google AdWords Terms of Service, if you’re collecting any personal information, you need to provide a link to your privacy policy from your landing page.

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