PPC Services for Tech Support Calls Generate

If you required Tech Support Calls for your Computer Technical Support business. Adopt best option for call generation are PPC for Technical Support and SEO services for tech support. Bust you must accept this thing, these are third party campaigns and using brand kw could be create problem for PAY PER CLICK account suspension.

We deliver 100% genuine conversion based Tech support calls by SEO and PPC. We are best company for SEO, PPC for tech support on Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo Gemini and Seven search.

ppc for antivirus software tech support calls
There are only two ways to generate calls are:

  • 1.Pay Per Click Tech Support Calls Services
  • 2.Search Engine Optimization for Tech Support

How We Approve Google Adwords PPC account to Generate tech Support Calls?

Every tech support guy this question, How you run Pay Per Click campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing and yahoo. They  tried many times but our account got suspended within two days or week. How you guys can do that…?

Answer: Google Adwords is very stringent with their own terms and policies. I know Google and their hard policies and I genuinely respect them. We following the Google rule and policy very seriously. We do not use any Brand KEYWORD in our ad copy. We run PPC campaigns on generic term.

For  Example: We Create Printer PPC campaigns Ad copy on “Printer Not Working” instead of  “HP printer not working”. We won’t use any brand Tech Support Keywords in our Google and Yahoo Ad copy.
Clients ask many questions, How we generate Tech Support Calls by running ads on google Adwords without suspension of account?, How to generate inbound tech support calls for your IT Support Business?.

We working are with these tech support calls keywords:

  • Anti-virus
  • Browser Issues
  • Email, Incredimail issues, Outlook support
  • Printer Tech Support
  • Quicken, Quickbooks Support
  • Kindle, KOBO, NOOK help support
  • Computer repair issues
  • MAC/Window operating system is slow
  • Wifi issues in Router etc.
  • Internet Problems