Our is the India’s best internet marketing and SEO services company. We are based in Chandigarh and we aim at providing full-suite web marketing services. Conceptualization and strategies are applied to final-stage execution, my team implement entire online marketing strategy. Reason is that we adopt a 360˚ approach so as to apply online marketing, services include Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Application Development.
Search Engine Optimization
Validate search according with safe and effective SEO methods which have benefited huge number of online businesses. Look at comprehensive solutions and you can see reasons behind its working.
Pay Per Click
My team offer complete ad campaign management services which includes keyword research, ad creation, landing page creation and reporting on every penny spent.
Social Media Marketing
A part of online web campaign, we aim at offering all-inclusive social media solutions which do not bump up marketing budget. You must check and see why people will love to sign up.
Web Design
CMS or e-commerce websites, we have already done it all. Create impressive feeling websites which help in SEO, having no recurring costs and are very easy to maintain too.
Link Building
Page Traffic guarantees link building services which take the confusion out of link building. Know exactly how many links site gets and from where.
Online Media Buying
Page Traffic also offers online media planning and buying services for local, national and global campaigns.

In case you are gazing for a online marketing company which is giving complete search engine optimization (SEO) services in Chandigarh.
You have come to the right place.
Digital SEO, is nothing but like some other SEO companies in Tricity it does not only offer just its services, also an incredible experience which helps businesses grow and stay visible on the internet.
Internet SEO isn’t a company which offers you monthly SEO reports, it offers results
Single point contact is a personal touch which helps and guides us to relate better to the business
It also delivers measurable SEO results which is there for all to see

Cross Channel Advertising

Consumers and clients use to switch between devices, apps and browsers very well.
In order to reach those customers irrespective of the fact that which device platform they are working on.
We operate along with the advanced algorithms so as to identify those consumers coming across all the channels.
It also allow to deliver brand message.
My team is the paid marketing agency in Chandigarh providing all cross channel advertising services.

Increased Traffic

Our online marketing and advertising experts and even Technicians focuses greatly on generating High quality traffic on website.
  Through SEO, Google AdWord Ads, Social Media and Content Marketing.

Huge Leads

Our main focus is on web marketing agency in Tricity will also help you to convert much more Traffic into the Leads with Right Conversion Path.
On Website with Mapping of Forms, CTAs and Landing Pages through taking the help of Offers.

SEO Services for Astrologers | Best SEO Service Company for Astrology Websites

In India, many people believe in astrology science and numerology science. They look for astrologers who can predict their future. Call us to get online leads by Our SEO Services for Astrologers. We are Best SEO Service Company for Astrology Websites in Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, India.
LIVE 140+ Happy Astrologer Clients Worldwide 🙂


Looking for Best SEO COMPANY IN CHANDIGARH. Experience a journey of your website transformation. By letting our team conducts a comprehensive analysis. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in relative to your products and services.

SEO Services for Healthcare Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics

Promote yourself with PPCTiger to get large organic traffic by SEO services for health care according to new Google algorithm humming bird. We are known for providing value to the clients with proper time management and full dedication.


Android apps are definitely not something to ignore. We provide a wrap-up of the tips to optimize a Google Play Store app details page and be found more often by potential users.
In case you manage an android application then SEO at will be at the forefront of your concerns. There are countless tools available on the desktop that will help your track your traffic and optimize your content.


  • Using your keywords 5 times in your app description. On the App Store where app description is not searchable.
  • On the Google Play Store, you want to make sure to repeat with a good frequency your main keywords.
  • Put your main keyword in your app title.
  • According to Fiksu, this could dramatically improve your position.
  • We recommend to put your app name on the app icon and use the app name for your keyword.
  • I believe it’s not a good thing to have words on an app icon and because it poses a branding problem.
  • Have the best screenshots possible.
  • YouTube video to promote your app
  • The increase in conversion can go up to 25%
  • Everything you can to get positive reviews.

Keyword research

Choose appropriate keywords for mobile search:

  • App store listing guide includes the most important factors needed to consider for best app store optimization practices.
  • It gives thorough advice on keyword research.
  • Finding the right keywords to describe your app should also come in handy when searching for content ideas.
  • You can also use Google Keyword Planner to get mobile search volume information for targeted keywords.

Google Play Store Rank Algorithm

Google Play Store algo is a closely guarded secret.

  • Downloads growth: the growth of downloads over the last 30 days
  • Uninstalls: how many people uninstall the app
  • Usage: frequency with which your app is used (reported by some developers)
  • Number of ratings: how many people have rated and reviewed your app.
  • Ratings: high or low
  • Amount of downloads: how many app downloads

SEO Services for Dentist Website

Are you looking for best Dental SEO services? A well reputed online marketing Company? In order to make your online presence. Do you wish your dental clinic to rank on first page of Google? If so, than you are exactly where you should be. Face of your business is the website for potential customers. Here we make well planned strategies. My team execute it in a way that it gives best results. Need not to spend too much on running dental PPC campaigns.


Looking for BEST SEO COMPANY IN MOHALI. Search engine optimization strategy is changing with time. As buyers habits have changed so we have to update our marketing strategy with time. Google changes its algorithm which makes it more typical for those who believe in black hat practice.

SEO Services Food Waste Decomposer Machines | SEO Decomposing Machine

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is best for enhancement of your business. Web marketing enable you to reach right people  and increase your agency. SEO Services for Food Waste Decomposer Machines is a great idea to be implemented.


  • In this era of technology, innovation needs to be part of culture.
  • The world is transforming at faster rate and if we don’t catch up, we might find ourselves in great trouble.
  • So if you really want to increase your business then later or sooner you need to opt for SEO services for Food Waste Decomposing Machines.
  • We are still working on more then 20 clients.
  • If you genuinely wish to do much better in your career join top and advanced services with PPCTIGER.


PPCTIGER is an enterprising outfit that is dedicated towards offering you the best SEO services in India.The purpose of our SEO services is to use the relevant keywords for highlighting the website in the search engines to be picked and referred to the users for what they are searching for.

  • We are expert in running google adwords ppc campaigns for Food Waste Decomposer Machines.
  • Hire us for online Marketing and see your business rise yourself.
  • We are professionals providing 100% practical work on live projects.
  • We work according to reliable tactics and strategies.


  • Google Adwords
  • Lead Genraions
  • Grow business online
  • SEO
  • SMM
  • SMO
  • All types of PPC campaigns on google, yahoo, Facebook and bing.

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Welcoming Services

It’s known that Search Engine Optimization is an important part of annual marketing budget. My team is specialized in performing SEO organically. Methods which we have produced are highly useful for providing top results. Paid marketing gets much better results than any typical printed advertising. Not using online paid marketing these times will amount in missing on good clients who probably might be seeking for product or service worldwide.


  • It is  important tool to advertise  business worldwide.
  • SEO  best Services is divided in two major parts which are adword and adsense.


As an part of web marketing strategy questions may arise:

  • SEO do considers how working of search engines.
  • What people are interested in and what they search for?
  • Actual search terms and keywords which are typed in search engines.
  • Which search engines are mostly preferred by targeted audience?
  • Also Optimizing a website may also involve editing its content.
  •  Increase  relevance to specific keywords and also to remove barriers for this HTML and associated coding is used.
  • Indexing activities of search engines.
  • Promoting site so as to increase the number of backlinks, or else inbound links, is considered as another SEO tactic.


  • Paid marketing/advertising is potentially a much important search marketing approach which is included by marketers.
  • Most clicks of searchers on the natural listings and may be called as organic listing.
  • Human mentality is to read from left to right which intend us to focus on the left part.
  • Our research clearly shows that some searchers will NEVER prefer to  click on the sponsored listings.
  • Key benefit of SEO which it is relatively much cost-effective.
  • There is not any payment to the search engines to be placed there.
  • You require to do is to first hire ethical google marketing company.
  • Our team members drive best results by increasing traffic and then engaging with the brand.
  • My team is most reliable for providing you best assistance.
  • You need not worry, everything will be taken care by my team.
  • Google marketing is very helpful to get best approach for doing wonders in enhancement of your product and agency services.

SEO services for Window Blinds Dealers

I provide SEO, PPC, Pay per Click Services, Google Adwords Campaigns Set up services for all Window Blinds Dealers. Window Blinds WordPress helps to establish a good curtain store online when promoting the various kind of shades which you might have in with you taking the help of my incredible team.

This theme help us to advertise all the consumers oriented sales as a promotional activity  in your homepage banner area. Catchy heading is very important along with the banner image of seasonal offers and discounts which also influenced clients to purchase window blinds. We are known for providing quality services.

Reaching this website visitors would get into the zone of comfort.


  • Window Shade is for furnishing owners
  • Window blinds manufacturers
  • Vertical or horizontal blind dealers
  • Faux curtain companies
  • House furnishing agencies
  • Many other blind casement shops.

Different Attributes included in Window Shades WP Theme:

Latest WordPress version compatibility
Cart and Checkout page

  • Inbuilt contact page
  • Copyright footer text area
  • Easy setup with clean layout
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Showcase gallery page
  • Retina ready icons
  • Blog area with banner image
  • Custom widgetized area
  • Integration of google map
  • Custom CSS & JS
  • Compatibility With all major browsers
  • Amazing admin panel
  • Retina ready icons
  • 4-Column feature area
  • Famous 2-minute setup

Various Theme Features:

  • Awesome Slider
  • Completely Responsive
  • Custom Templates
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Members Area
  • Instant Product Access
  • Regular product updates
  • Lifetime support for one site

Major Project components:

  • Responsive WordPress Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Local SEO
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • News Release
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Copyediting

 Blinds at The Best-.

It basically consists of following major components which are-

Shop Page–

It allows you to present window shades which you may intend to merchandise along with their real price and discounts if applied.

Cart Page–

It is like buyer’s personal bag in which you can keep favorite item with which you want to buy while looking at other products.

Check out page–

After consumers are done with shopping, this page will help users to get it whole done by paying their way.

You know PayPal gateway mode is the best a safest and secure transaction method which help to exchange in return for various kind of services.